Wardrobe Enhancement

Do You Feel Like You’re Entering The Jungle Each Morning, Taking An Expedition Through Closets And Drawers In Search Of Something Suitable To Wear? 

Vector illustration with fashion and people

Vector illustration with fashion and people

Do you wear the same outfit or another version the same one all of the time and you look like you decided to get dressed while blindfolded? And surely, you know people who agonize over just the right outfit for a special occasion or they spend weeks or days shopping for that special ensemble without any idea as to what is really appropriate.
Granted, we all know people who always look great, always dressed to the nines, appropriately with stand-out accessories, always coordinated perfectly who always look like you would like to look.

What’s there secret?

Is it money? Is it their status?  Or is it just good taste?


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Maybe, it’s Just Help From A Wardrobe Consultant Or A Personal SHOPPER!!

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Hi, it’s me Yvonne. This is how we work it! First we start with a total closet overhaul, and this will be the process of elimination and retention. Then we will discuss your wardrobe needs and what it’s going to take to enhance your new style ethic. We will also talk about your budget your ambitions and desires. Then we will be off to the market place for some shopping to fulfill your visual presentation and expectations.